Saturday, 21 November 2015

Foodie Corner: Astrid y Gaston


Chef Gastón Acurio is a legend throughout South America, and his “Astrid y Gaston” establishment in Lima, which takes Peruvian cuisine to five star heights, is currently ranked #14 amongst the world’s top 50 restaurants.   It wasn’t the ONLY reason to spend time in Lima, but it was high on my list! :)    

(Note:  I'm adding this entry in late December, sorry for the delay, we are now a long way from Lima.) 

Planning two months ahead, we reserved a lunch seating featuring Head Chef Diego Muñoz’s 10-course tasting menu.  I opted for the wine pairing to complete the culinary experience.

Astrid y Gaston lived up to reputation and expectation:  the food was spectacular and the service impeccable.   Each course was exquisitely presented.  Even Carolyn, a fan of neither fish nor seafood enjoyed the first half of the menu, which was largely ocean-based.
I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, including the one of the menu. 

Had we not sold the house so as to remain unencumbered throughout our voyage, the visit might have prompted a second mortgage… and it would have been worth it! 

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