Thursday, 2 July 2015

Cooper. Had a great last 2 days! From Whitehorse, we got on a small plane (not my smallest, but definitely the one with the least leg room!) with 2 stops before Inuvik. The first Dawson, and the second Old Crow. Both with literally one room airports other than one small office and the bathrooms. Then when we arrived at Inuvik (said: i-NOO-vik) and took a cab to our hotel. Inuvik is a pretty small place, only one school, one pool, very small homes, only 5 places to eat and a population of ~3350. As it was Canada Day, (on that note, happy 148 birthday Canada!) there was a big Canada Day event happening conveniently right beside our hotel! I got dunked into the water tank in the ball throw! Went to bed at 11:00 pm but I didn't even know because we are in the land of the midnight sun! Got to not set an alarm for the first time in over a week!!! We woke up at 11:00 am, great way to waste half a day! We went to the visitor center, they had a fun quiz there! We then had lunch (man that was good pizza!) and went and stayed in our hotel room for a while to chill. After and hour or two, we went to play some native games like two leg kicks and high kicks, also strength games. I did very well and I am going to be on the NWT government website! Had a good last couple days and hope to have lots more! We are heading to Tuktoyaktuk tomorrow and we will dip our toes and swim in the freezing cold Arctic Ocean!!! The day after that, I hope to go to the Inuvik pool! It has a waterslide, sprinklers, a lazy river, a wave pool, it should be fun!

Vern. Foodie Report:  Unusual Eats
The Mackenzie Hotel in Inuvik has "Muskox Linguini" on its dinner menu -- an al dente linguini with a muskox bolognaise which clearly had to be sampled.   There was a generous portion of muskox, mildly spiced and a good deal leaner than beef.   All in all, quite good.

Note that food is very expensive in Inuvik.  A medium pizza plus a three-piece chicken dinner with fries ran us $60.  We grocery shopped this morning at North Mart - an all-in-one clothing and grocery store.  Cereal: $8.  Schneider's bacon:  $12 for 500 g.  Pigs must feel safer.

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