Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Cooper.  Finally got everything out of our house and into the trash or the storage unit. Yay! The most stressful part of the trip is done! Now it is for the fun part, doing it!

Slept at the Delta hotel at the airport for our early 6:00 am wake up to head over to Vancouver, and from Vancouver to Whitehorse. But... of course with our great luck, our bags got lost somewhere in the depths of the Calgary airport from Calgary to Vancouver. Eventually, we had to board our Air North flight to Whitehorse and made our way to and onto our plane. Our flight was delayed by a bit and we were wondering why. Then, just before take off began, our Air Canada guy (John) came to confront us in our seats. Of course we are all surprised to see him and even more when he told us that our bags had just come last second and were loaded onto our plane. Then we realized that all of that process was what delayed the flight. Mwahahahahah, we delayed the plane.

We also had a great day in Whitehorse and went on a massive paddle boat and then went to a wonderful tasting restaurant called Klondikes. That's what we did today! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Vern. Foodie Report on Klondike's:  An establishment with great character.  Open from May through September, the restaurant is housed in the oldest building in Whitehorse and is full of memorabilia.  Lineups out the door and onto the sidewalk, where patrons sit waiting on benches, armed with menus, and are tormented by the aromas from the kitchen.   We sampled the ribs, Caesar salad and the elk stroganoff.  Ribs were nicely spiced and slathered in Klondike's signature BBQ sauce; however, the meat was not as quite as tender as expected.  (Note to self:  The half rack is more than enough; the full rack results in a coma.) The stroganoff was likewise flavourful but the elk meat was dry.  The Caesar salad was excellent - I'd give it an 8.5/10 and I'm picky with my Caesars.  Cooper had fries which were also superb... and it's actually hard to get truly good French fries.  The owner, Dona, has a Mother Theresa quote embroidered on the staff shirts:  "Let anyone who comes to you leave happier."   I agree with the recommendation that it's a "must do" when visiting Whitehorse.

Carolyn.  Can't believe that our luggage didn't make it with us from Calgary to Vancouver!  Over the upcoming year, we certainly expect a few baggage problems to creep in - but on the very first leg of our journey?!  Luckily Air Canada got this sorted out quickly, and our bags were on the next flight from Calgary only 1 hour later, and still in time for our connecting flights on Air North to the Yukon.  Speaking of Air North - what a blast from the past!  It was like flying 20 years ago:  we were served a FREE warm meal, no baggage fees, and no security checks or x-rays between Whitehorse-Dawson-Old Crow-Inuvik:  Swiss Army knives and firearms are apparently just fine if you're travelling to Canada's north!!

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