Saturday, 5 March 2016

Sand Dunes

Cooper. After a month of staying put in Windhoek, Namibia, it was nice to start moving again. The apartment that we stayed at was very nice, and we went back to it after our 10-day self-drive safari through Namibia.

We stayed in 5 campsites and 1 guesthouse, for a total of 10 nights. Between campsites, there was a lot of driving; once even eight hours between them. Each of the sites had a pool which we went in (it was so hot, so needed).

At home, we go camping very often with a normal tent for setting up on the ground, but our vehicle here was different. It had two small tents permanently attached on the roof of our 4x4 truck. You just unfold it and voila, then you only need to add the poles. It sounded simple to us, and we got a demonstration of how to set it up when we rented it, but on our first night, it took us nearly an hour!!! We got the hang of it by the end of the safari though.

While on the safari, we visited Swakopmund on the coast and stayed in a guesthouse for two nights (just to take a break from camping). The main reason we went there was to see, hike, and board down the magnificent sand dunes that were just outside of the ocean-side town. It was amazing(ly hot and tiring) to climb and board down the dunes, but is was sure fun! On my sand belly board (literally a piece of pressboard), I reached 71 km/hr!

Another place we went with grand sand dunes was Sossuslvei, the home of ‘the dune’ (the dune that’s on all the postcards here). Climbing up for sunrise was really cool… but it meant waking up at 4:30 in the morning. So it was beautiful, sleepy sunrise.

My favourite campsite was called Hoada in Damaraland. This campsite was very private, with a shaded concrete pad to set up our table and chairs, an outdoor kitchen sink and counter, personal toilet and shower, and a small pool. But the part that especially made it my favourite was that the campsite was in clumps of smooth boulders. (see pictures to understand it better).

Thank you safari (except for our fridge that never did stay cold!). It was very nice!

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  1. Thank you again for your blog and photos. I very much look forward to them

  2. 71 KM/H!!!!! WOAHHHH! IM SO GLAD YOU DIDNT FALLL!!!!! how do you measure that!!!????