Friday, 30 October 2015

Questions Asked by my Class in Calgary

Cooper. On October 29, I Skyped with my class at school in Calgary, Canada.  It was nice to see my school friends and teachers from last year.  Here are the questions they asked me, as well as my answers to them:

List of Questions Asked by My Grade 7 Class in Calgary

-  Question: Do they celebrate Halloween where you are?
Answer: A little bit of Halloween is happening, but it’s not as big a deal for kids here as it is in Canada. (Update: see my separate blog entry about Halloween)

-  Q: Where are you now?
A: I am in Peru, in a city called Arequipa.  It's about the same size as Calgary (a little more than 1 million people)

- Q: It's 9:30am in Calgary, what time is it there?
A: It's 10:30am in Peru (Update: Calgary has now turned clocks back an hour for Daylight Savings Time, but Peru doesn't do this, so it's now 2 hours difference not just 1 hour different)

-  Q: What were your favourite experiences so far?
A: Machu Picchu and hiking the Inca Trail, also the Galapagos Islands.

- Q: What is the weirdest or most different thing that you have seen so far?
A: You have to throw all of the toilet paper in garbage cans beside the toilet, it can't be put into the toilet because if you flushed the paper, it would clog the plumbing.  Yes, this means the little garbage cans in every bathroom everywhere stink.

-  Q: What’s your favourite food so far?
A: The things that I also like in Calgary. :)  I don't like finding chicken feet in my soup, and I don't like eating guinea pig (common in Peru)

-  Q: Where are you going next?
A: We are going to the Amazon Jungle, still in Peru, on the Amazon River near to a town called Iquitos and we are going to see pink river dolphins.

-  Q: Are you excited to see the pink river dolphins in Iquitos?
A: Yes, I am!

-  Q: How was it swimming in the Arctic Ocean?
A: Surprisingly, it actually wasn’t that cold, because there is a warmer river (the Mackenzie River) that is flowing into it where we went in. 

-  Q: Can you say some things in Spanish?
A: "Mi nombre es Cooper" or another way to say it is "Me llamo Cooper".

-  Q: Did you know that Justin Trudeau is Canada’s new Prime Minister?
A: Yes I did.

-  Q: Have you been following the current events in Calgary and Canada?
A: Yes, we try see what's going on in Calgary and Canada.

-  Q: When are you coming back to Calgary next?
A: Next summer (in 2016)

-  Q: Do you have any questions for us?
A: Yes:
My question: Does Calgary like that the new Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau?
Class answer: YES!
(editorial note from Mom:  teacher Ms. P clarified that this answer from the class might be different than the answer from the majority of Calgarians)

My question: Are there any new people in the class?
Class answer: Yes, 3 people (quick video introductions – nice to meet you!)

-  Q: Can we Skype with you again sometime?
A:  Yes, when we are in Buenos Aires in about a month, we will hopefully have a good enough internet connection that I can Skype again!

Thanks for the questions!

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