Saturday, 19 November 2016


We have been in London, England for almost two months now.  We needed the first month to get oriented:  confirm Vern's new job, figure out where we wanted to live, find a new school for Cooper, etc.  Now we're living in our new flat in Putney, just south of the River Thames, trying to furnish it affordably (a reality check after selling everything in Calgary before we left on the we need a lot of that stuff again...!).

Tonight we went into Central London to see some of the fun Christmas lights in the popular shopping areas along Regent and Oxford Streets.  Very crowded, and very pretty:

A park near our house, where Vern likes to go running:

 Big Ben in the background, but Cooper loves the multi-colour LED public art on the other side of the Westminster Bridge!

Vern got his UK citizenship on Sept 28 (inherited from his mother), so he is now a dual Canadian/UK citizen:

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