Sunday, 22 February 2015

Let the purging begin...

Vern.  How is it that we accumulate so much STUFF??!  In spite of holding garage sales, selling things on Kijiji, making donations of furniture and clothes to various agencies and recycling books, papers, and electronics, we still have STUFF.

Today I purged old electronics manuals from my office.  I came across the docs for my precious first laser printer, the NEC Silentwriter 2, circa 1990.  A sexy piece of equipment back in the day, let me tell you.  I am still convinced that Carolyn started dating me because she'd have rare access to a laser printer to put the final touches on her resumes.

We only need to shed a few more thousand pounds of infrequently used items and we'll be in good shape for the trip.   But I'm keeping my current laser printer, any which way.

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